The City That Never Sleeps
Oh bonjour! The girl is Michelle & you are definitely her addiction. Cheers! Because tomorrow is a perplexity.SMILE?

posted : Wednesday, November 23, 2011
title :
the thought of my lack mistakes kept haunting me
oh my
how do i move on to the next paper?
so frustrating
maybe it was the expectation

posted : Friday, November 18, 2011
title :
you're the apple of my eye:)
watched it in the midst of my exam preparation
but OMG worth it!
love the plot
love the actor (cuz he is soooo cute!)
love the way i watched it with u (definitely!)
but i hate how it ended!
and now back to mugging!

posted : Monday, November 7, 2011
title :
hell week part 1 finally OVER!
but its just da first part to disaster
presentation opf 3005!
wohoo we rock as a group:)

n to celebrate...
had some eventful outings:)

our 2nd yr anniversary
started off with typical american breakfast in botanical gardens

a trip to sentosa!
to sun-tan apparently
but we werent dat dark afterall
nice weather and nice venue to relax
and to see dogs swim!

and with my huge cravings for sushi!
headed for sushi with something he dont prefer
but too bad

and finally IM OLD:(
sounds so sad
but its nice with all the flooding texts and fb msges
just to remind urself its ur special day
thought it did not started off very nicely
with angry event leading to a test
it ended up sweet
pizza as my bday cake from mister:)

n celebration with siblings
had another awesome celebration with them:)
life is GREAT!

posted : Tuesday, October 25, 2011
title :
back to revive my blog for a lil!
captain ball finals!
why am i so hyped up again?
its not that we emerged as winners
despite that, we had super LOTS of FUN!
100 plus splashing party
were all soaked with 100 plus till we got home to shower
can u blif it
its not to win but yes it was bonding
and after game reward for ourself
ah lian bee hoon

and argh!
dragged myself to complete lots of task in hand

posted : Saturday, August 27, 2011
title :

where were we again yest?
cawaii kochii
there for a post birthday celebration actually
happy birthday again yi fan and oleo
though im on a totally different course with da rest
i definitely did have fun
and yeah mr cool & calm's appearance
its been sometime
thanks for da effort:)

posted : Wednesday, August 24, 2011
title :

so so updates bout my kl trip to meet my bffs
bus from larkin to kl as usual
n gotta take ktm komuter or more like mrt
oh wow adventurous
funny how i was so uncertain bout public transport
even in my own country
so yeah omg da long wait for da train in da dark area
just like da movies
n finally midvalley baby:)
met up wif da gals n yummy nando's for dinner
n celcius next!

n oh wow saturday was all bout shopping
3 gals on a weekend
what do u expect!
walk thru levels of times square
n yeah it was fruitful for all of us:)
n yeah simone was wif us at night!
an awesome gals night out!

i miss them!
i miss how we argued bout how many chickens to eat for dinner
i miss how we fight for a cell phone in da car just before meeting da police
i miss how we laugh out loud in da car
i miss how we have pillow talks just to dig out dirty secrets
i miss how we just get ready wif make ups just like we are suppose to attend proms
i miss how we play games & discover more bout each other
i miss how we sing some patriotic & skul songs in da car in da middle of da night
i miss how we watch jersey shore together
i miss how we actually could play & spend time on a weekend!
and i miss them all....

posted : Wednesday, August 17, 2011
title :

i dont know wt u think
but my attempt to create FOC recruitment poster
and i think its pretty good considering da fact dat its my first time:)

and yes so what now
school school school & school
but in da mid of a normal school week
mister random decides dat he wanted to go for a karaoke session
dats y i call him mr random for this post
but yes its a way to have fun when all dat lies ahead of ur week
are piles of unknown facts

i was too camera shy when im singing:)

and he gladly just continue singing while i shoot him
when i got too tired of singing
and he is still singing
oh my how he loves to sing!

and yeah weekends in KL!
cant wait!!!:))